BF3 Inbound!

Posted 26 Oct 2011 in Game

Combat knife Headstabs!

The phrase gives me a warm fuzzy feeling from those manic days and nights of Bad Company 2,but theres a new beast about to be released and its a bit spicey…

Its apparently won 60 Game community awards so thats got to be a good sign with those chaps at DICE adding a load of new toys,effects,and sporting the rather delicious Frostbite 2 game engine.

Crazy Robot Flamethrower Funtime!

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Infuriating boozer


  1. Pachuko
    27 October 11, 11:27pm

    no deal…

  2. def
    01 December 11, 11:40pm

    Pachuko! <3 =)

  3. 03 December 11, 9:53pm

    Origin sucks

  4. Steeve
    04 December 11, 9:34pm

    I don’t know where to start…let’s see…at first, I found the game was great especially on infantry only where I can shtgun a lot of ennemies which I enjoy…but then after certain unlockable weapons started to appear, i found that game ridiculous.I’m talking about the night vision F2000 with which you can fire full auto and its just incredibly accurate even from a long distance. That’s 1 thing, another thing is the people who spam with mortar and claymores and grenade launcher making ti impossible for you to live more than 30seconds, especially on Operation Metro, there are 3 flags to take and it all takes place around the middle one and everybody is camping spamming rocket launchers nades and shit and its absolutely not what I want to do nor interestzed in when playing a game…there’s no skill in that and teamplay is obsolete too.spawnkilling is also very common when it comes to taking a flag.All weapons are extremely accurate and you can get killed by a guy wielding a heavy machine gun standing and firing full auto mode ( again ) while you bother aiming and crouching, I mean what’s up with the recoil? Oh I forgot to mention the flashlights added to your cannon that can blind an ennemy from 100 meters too in daylight condition -_-‘ making you unable to aim correctlly at him….and so on and so on…(next post might be about origin, all I need is try to play the game to make me bitter) sorry for it’s a long post

  5. ocd
    06 December 11, 12:55am

    This is not a shout box.

    • Steeve
      26 December 11, 3:25pm

      you are the shouitbox

  6. def
    11 December 11, 3:41am

    I have just found out, that “Combat Knife Head Stabs” are not state of the art anymore. Nowadays state of the art is the good old Jump Out Of Your Plane, Rocket Launch An Enemy Plane And Get Back Into Yours”-Move… WTF? =)

    • Steeve
      21 June 12, 4:43am

      lol true, whatever ,game is crazy

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