[UPDATED] Weekend Of Fear 2012

Posted 16 Jan 2012 in Movie


( ! ) Important Update
The Weekend Of Fear just got postponed. It’s now on 18th and 19th of May.

Also the first films are announced.


This one is for the horror and obscure movie freaks among us. In 2012 there will be again a “Weekend Of Fear“. It will take place on 04th and 05th 18th and 19th of May 2012 in Erlangen/Germany as it did last year. It is unknown so far which movies will be shown but I will keep you updated. The pre sale for the tickets has not started yet so don’t panic. As every year Def will provide food, shelter, fully switched 1000 Mbit networking and an uplink to the internet for our members and their friends.

FYI: As usual the movies shown at this festival will be the original uncut and original language versions. Usually the subtitles will be in english but it might happen that subtitles will be provided in german (I still remember the finnish incident with Sauna – I am still sooo sorry!) so it is usually not necessary to understand german. Ticket Prices are usually less than 50 EUR for both days.

I hope to see some of you guys again at one of the top movie festivals in Europe.

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  1. Björnemann
    16 January 12, 10:20am

    Ja man, voll porno dass, bin wieder dabei ! In massiv love Björni

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