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EVOLVEHave a look at EVOLVE (which I just have preordered) and HUNT. Both games share some aspects with Left 4 Dead and might be of interest for some of you. EVOLVE is a 4 vs 1 asymmetrical coop/competetive first person shooter developed by Turtle Rock Studios who have developed Left 4 Dead. In this game four hunters are pitted against a monster in a hazardous environment where animals (small and large) and even plants are attacking them. The monster feeds on those animals to grow larger and evolve into a more powerful badass. The hunters have each unique abilities and weaknesses which makes teamplay a must. Please head over to Game Informer for a nice overview of the game. EVOLVE will be released at 21 of October this year.

HUNTHUNT seems to be a 4 player coop third person shooter developed by Crytec USA which might possibly be free to play. You can register for the closed beta at the games official website. Game Informer sums up what is known so far pretty well again – have a look!

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