Welcome To Camp Crystal Lake

Posted 14 Oct 2015 in Game
Welcome To Camp Crystal Lake

Friday the 13th: The Game is one of the most highly-anticipated horror titles of all time. You will finally be able to take on the roll as Jason Voorhees and Camp Crystal Lake counselors. This is the game you’ve been waiting for; the chance to kill or be killed on Friday the 13th!


Posted 03 Jun 2014 in Game

Have a look at EVOLVE (which I just have preordered) and HUNT. Both games share some aspects with Left 4 Dead and might be of interest for some of you. EVOLVE is a 4 vs 1 asymmetrical coop/competetive first person shooter developed by Turtle Rock Studios who have developed Left 4 Dead. In this game four hunters are pitted against a monster in a hazardous environment where animals (small and large) and even plants are attacking them. The monster feeds on those animals to grow larger and evolve into a more powerful badass. The hunters have each unique abilities and weaknesses which makes teamplay a must. Please head over to Game Informer for a nice overview of the game....

Ingress – They aren’t coming. They’re already here.

Posted 09 Jun 2013 in Game, SFS
Ingress Logo

Ingress is a near-realtime augmented reality massively multiplayer online video game created by Niantic Labs for Android devices. The game has a complex backstory which Google is revealing in segments. Players of the game belong to one of two factions, “Enlightened” (represented in green) and “Resistance” (blue). Players attempt to enclose regions of territory on Google Maps of Earth with virtual links between virtual portals; these maps are displayed on the players’ smartphones, laptops and tablets (which function as mobile game consoles), with territory gained designated as “control fields”. The on-going goal of the game is for one’s faction to control the largest number of “Mind Units”, the estimated number of humans within the regions of territory controlled by...

Come get some – Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition for free

Posted 13 Dec 2012 in Game
Duke Nukem 3D Logo

Good Old Games is giving away Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition for free as a holiday gift (Only until Dec 14 at 14:59 GMT). Included in this package is the manual, 2 hi-res Images (they call it wallpapers), 20 concept scribbles, 113 ringtones and a bonus level with new enemies and weapons. As usual it comes DRM-free and with a preconfigured DOS-box emulator to run it on Windows XP and Vista. Come get some!

L4D2 Server IP and Port has changed [UPDATED]

Posted 05 Dec 2012 in Game, SFS
Left 4 Dead 2

the IP-address and the port where our L4D2 server is at home has changed. Please update your scripts to point to

The Humble THQ Bundle [UPDATED TWICE]

Posted 29 Nov 2012 in Game
Humble THQ Bundle

Now there are nine legendary titles to rock your gaming library. The Humble THQ Bundle is here with a colossal onslaught of esteemed titles. Pay $1 or more for Steam keys for Company of Heroes (and its two full-blown expansions Opposing Fronts and Tales of Valor), Darksiders, Metro 2033, and Red Faction: Armageddon. And if you pay over the average price you’ll also receive the extraordinary Saints Row: The Third! UPDATE: Titan Quest and Red Faction: Armageddon Path to War and Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War has been added.

Natural Selection 2

Posted 30 Sep 2012 in Game

Natural Selection 2 is an immersive, multiplayer shooter that pits aliens against humans in a strategic and action-packed struggle for survival. It seamlessly combines a shooter/FPS gameplay with a strategy (RTS) game.

The big disappointment – Diablo 3

Posted 29 Jul 2012 in Game
Diablo 3 Statistics On Xfire

Well, unfortunately Diablo 3 is a big disappointment.

DayZ’d and confused

Posted 16 Jun 2012 in Game

The DayZ Mod for Operation Arrowhead: Combined Operations is a coop survival shooter based on the horrid Island of Chernarus. Here you must scavenge about for food, weapons, and vehicles while locking horns with the undead population, mischievious Bandits and demented human players. As one of up to eighty ‘survivors’ your goal is to simply stay alive as you explore the open map, always ready to do a spot of looting. The addition of a persistant server is probably the most interesting feature in the DayZ Mod. With this all stat’s are saved to an external database so where ever you log off (if you ever log off), whatever you have will be kept on you next time you return. This coding I find very interesting indeed for use...

[UPDATED] Humble Indie Bundle V

Posted 01 Jun 2012 in Game

The Humble Indie Bundle V has arrived. Pay what you want for Psychonauts, LIMBO, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP and (if you pay more than the average price) Bastion, Braid, Super Meat Boy, and Lone Survivor

Diablo III – Points Of Interest

Posted 15 May 2012 in Game
Diablo III Wallpaper

Collection of interesting stuff about Diablo III

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