The History

1999 – 2010

In late 1999 def decided to leave [NoClanElite] to establish a clan for a new Half Life mod called Counter Strike. He was able to take his friends Kuni and venom with him.

Time went by while we were searching for a good name for the new clan. As luck would have it, def hit the quick-start-button of Counter Strike accidentally. He got connected to a non-dedicated server in the US with just one player (the host) on it. Def got killed right away after he entered the game. This is no surprise because he had a ping of around 300. The thing which made him stay on that server was the excitement of the other player. Everytime this player managed it to kill def, he wrote things like “YEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHH, I’M SOOOOOOOO FUCKIN’ SKILLED!!!” in an euphoric manner (bindings like this have been very common these days). The words of this unfortunately unknown guy inspired def to choose the not to be taken too seriously name “So Fuckin’ Skilled!”.

When the name was finally chosen, def started to code a website right away. As it is in his nature, he tried to push the badboy-image, which was the common undertone of clan-websites back then, over the top. Some people might agree that he succeeded in his intent. The first version of the “So Fuckin’ Skilled!” website went online on 19 March 2000.

As the original intention back in 2000 was to build up a serious clan, we went out onto the servers looking for more members. After a while we had enough players and we signed up at ClanBase to get into playing matches. But then, in June 2000, VALVE released a new netcode for their games. With the new netcode, playing Counter Strike felt more like a lottery game for most of our members and we had a hard time facing our plans to compete in a league which did not work out.

In spite of the apalling start “So Fuckin’ Skilled!” didn’t break up. We kept sticking together, def brought two new versions of our website online, we got our first own game-server (thanks to Alfarome) and even organised two successful LAN parties at the Olaf-Ritzmann-Kollektiv in Nuremberg. A fourth version of the website, driven by MySQL and PHP, which was built as a project for a final exam by def, Leuko and Kuni unfortunately never made it online. In 2001 we had our first (and only so far) training match against [ALLS] (All Stoned Network Crew) who let us suffer a humilating defeat and taught us, that we might be good players all together but we don’t have a chance against a well organised team. We did not practise after that but we continued playing just for fun. This lasted until 2002.

In the following five and a half years we went inactive because of changes in life, work, preferences and games. But most of us managed it to stay in touch even though just loosely. A new website was built by def in 2007 to bring our content back online and to remember the good times we had. Thanks to the neverending support of Alfarome (again), a Teamspeak and Armed Assault server was set up. Soon the Teamspeak server was discovered and in heavy use by regulars of the jolt servers and after just a short time we had a prospering and fast growing community using our server.

On his birthday in the summer of 2008 def got the idea to make himself a present by renewing “So Fuckin’ Skilled!” with the people he found on jolt. Right after his return from holiday he asked Slayer, Mahatma and flaming wonder worm if they could imagine building up “So Fuckin’ Skilled!” again. After that the clan became a living project. We registered the domain to reflect our now more international approach which is now the main domain used by us.

Yet our story takes another twist with Brethillith suggesting to play Left 4 Dead in December 2008. This game finally managed to bring a lot of the old members online and playing together again. Also a lot of new (and even old) and very promising acquisitions for the clan could be made in this game.

Here we are now – back from the dead and looking forward.


A story needs to get told here… stay tuned!

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