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[TiTS] – The Independent Team Squad, [Wasted] – Wasted, [NoClanElite] – No Clan Elite


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There are only 10 types of people in the world: Those who understand binary and those who don’t.

# You are not expected to understand this.


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  • I am just awesome!
  • I have a rocket launcher, your opinion is now void!
  • If you like british humor and italian weather, you’re kind of misplaced no matter where you are. :/
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“one must have chaos within oneself, to give birth to a dancing star.” Nietzsche

“The most noble, pure and true love of mankind is the love of oneself. I want to be free! I hope to be happy! I want to appreciate all the beauties of the world. But my freedom is secured only when all other people around me are free. I can only be happy when all other people around me are happy. I can only be joyful when all the people I see and meet look at the world with joy-filled eyes. And only then can I eat my fill with pure enjoyment when I have the secure knowledge that other people, too, can eat their fill as I do. And for that reason it is a question of my own contentment, only of my own self, when I rebel against every danger which threatens my freedom and my happiness. . .” [Ret Marut (a.k.a. B. Traven), The BrickBurner magazine quoted by Karl S. Guthke, B. Traven: The life behind the legends, pp. 133-4]

“The one place gods inarguably exist is in the human mind” Alan Moore

Broken Promises, Hall Of Fame And Favourite Quotes

“Trust me, you will need me!”

“I have played 4 hours realism mode in L4D2!”


“Did you know that the tank in campaign mode is running faster if you light him up?”


“Just go! You will die anyway!”


“Ihr verreckt noch,”

“keine Angst!”


“YOU are noobs”

“all 4”

“only i am a good gamer”

“and you all 7 are noobs”

Doctor Diesel

“SFS very big noobs”


“no matter how long ur stay”

“u r dead”


“noob sfs”

“you will rage quit”

Baby Tanky_-!

“gona kill you sfs”

Mr White ™

A Bad Case Of Dunning Kruger Effect

This guy is the (by far) worst case suffering from the effects described by Dunning and Kruger which I have discovered in Left 4 Dead so far. Or he might be the best troll ever. I am running out of words in my attempts to discribe his level of incompetence. I’ve been playing with him three times (if I recall correctly) and it seems to me that he has not improved in any way until today (I did recognise him when he started shouting and insulting me, hehe). He is such a freak, that I feel like I have to dedicate this extra section on my profile to him.

Obviously, he seems to be wondering why people are still calling him a “noob” after his thousands of hours playing Left 4 Dead. For me, his efforts to define what a “noob” is, on his profile, are simultaneously hilarious and sad (and pointless, hence because he is totally missing the point). Also his comments are definitely worth having a look.

In fact, he is right in that point that he is not a newbie (considered his playing hours). But his performance in Left 4 Dead can be described as “noobish”, because he is still acting incompetent and he is lacking situational awareness like a beginner. What he is doing must be considered at least unfavorable if not even fatal for the team. A good example for him overrating his skills is this comment of himself at his profile:


Even if he would be right with this, it will not be proof for him being a good teamplayer, but that’s what Left 4 Dead is all about. He might be possibly good at eye-hand-coordination (I strongly doubt that considering his statistics) but he is definitely a very (very, very, very,…) weak teamplayer.

So, the answer might possibly be that most people have no better word than “noob” to express their dissent and to point him to his essential problem: “Being so incompetent (in Left 4 Dead) that he is incapable of knowing that he is incompetent“. On top of that it seems to me that he is a choleric person and that noone will be having fun in a discussion with him, so anyone might just start shouting “noob” back at him at a certain point.

If you are the guy I am writing about, please do read “Unskilled and Unaware of It: How Difficulties in Recognizing One’s Own Incompetence Lead to Inflated Self-Assessments“. Hopefully your degrees in science will help you with understanding my point and the paper (they are not helping you to be a good player in Left 4 Dead to this point).



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