The Rules

Abide By These Rules Or Die!

because these are the rules given to us by the HCOTOAWSMSOHOCTEHFSTA (High Council Of The Old And Wise SFS Members Sitting On Hard Oakwood Chairs Telling Everyone How Fuckin’ Skilled They Are) also referred to as “The Great Old Ones”.

Rule No. 01

you must torture yourself and tweak your modem at least one hour a day

Rule No. 02

you must tattoo the logo of =[SFS]= onto your “weapon”

Rule No. 03

you must use Roger Wilco (Teamspeak/Mumble/Ventrilo/whatever) for that you can tell everyone on your channel how “fuckin’ skilled” you are (at least once per minute)

Rule No. 04

you must live without a girlfriend

Rule No. 05

you have to kill everything in CS-games (any game you are playing) what is not on your team, especially if it’s not =[SFS]= (ah, and don’t forget to let them know how “fuckin’ skilled” you are with your =[SFS]= spraypaint)

Rule No. 06

you are only allowed to drink gasoline

Rule No. 07

you are only allowed to eat tar

Rule No. 08

you must practise CS (whatever game you are playing) every day of your life till it ends

Rule No. 09

if your life ends you have to play and practise CS (whatever game you are playing) also

Rule No. 10

you have to remind all the peeps in your game how “fuckin’ skilled” you are as often as possible

Rule No. 11

you must be able to spell “so fuckin’ skilled!”

Rule No. 12

you must be so fuckin’ skilled!

Rule No. 13

you must have and use three mandatory binds:

Rule No. 14

you must sit on a hard oakwood chair when you play

Rule No. 15

you always must tell new players, who are joining the server you’re playing at, how fuckin’ skilled you are… they can’t know it if they don’t already know us

Rule No. 16

you must use chatmessages for promoting how fuckin’ skilled you are as often as possible for that really noone stays in doubt about how fuckin’ skilled you are

Rule No. 17

each day you can’t play CS (whatever game you prefer) you must send an e-mail to your =[SFS]= mates in which you remind them how fuckin’ skilled you are

Rule No. 18

you are not allowed to whine or cry

Rule No. 19

if a stupid unskilled teammate jumps into your perfect headshots – kill him for being such a halfwitted twat

Rule No. 20

you are not allowed to help unskilled teammates… they should practise to become as fuckin’ skilled as you… btw that’s evolution

Rule No. 21

if it really should happen that you get killed – die like a man. one or two “I’m so fuckin’ skilled” should help tho

Rule No. 22

you must wear the jeans on your skin – underwear is for llamas

Rule No. 23

your shit has to be hard as a rock

Rule No. 24

you are not allowed to work

Rule No. 25

cooking is a llama job

Rule No. 26

have you ever had another man inside you and did it feel gay?

Rule No. 27

def is always right

Rule No. 28

not everyone likes metal – FUCK THEM!

Rule No. 29

if it’s about filth and dirt – ask Kuni (only exception butt plugs. see no. 30)

Rule No. 30

if it’s about butt plugs – ask F

Rule No. 32

there is no rule no. 31

Rule No. 33

rule no. 13 should not be something else because these rules are purrfect!

With Other Words

play fair
give your best
have fun
be excellent to each other