Posted 22 Mar 2012 in Game

Having been tipped off about this quirky free to play shooter by our resident cheapskate Patchuko, a few of us have been playing Brick-Force. A combination of Minecraft (whatever the hell that is) and BFP4F, the player can create maps then go online to host a variety of battles with the usual ranking up business and a selection of weapons available from the ingame store. Beta keys are still available if you do a little searching, giving you full access to what fat Panda F describes as “f*cking awesome” . *Remember to assign yourself a decent name when registering as sadly you cant change it :(

The Gadget Show: Ultimate BF3 Simulator

Posted 05 Dec 2011 in Fun
Ultimate BF3 Simulator

Ok, it’s about Battlefield 3 again but it is worth watching it – this video of The Gadget Show featuring the “Ultimate Battlefield 3 Simulator”. This simulator looks painful but also fun and it is an outstanding beautyful piece of geek tech.

BF3 Inbound!

Posted 26 Oct 2011 in Game

Combat knife Headstabs! The phrase gives me a warm fuzzy feeling from those manic days and nights of Bad Company 2,but theres a new beast about to be released and its a bit spicey… Its apparently won 60 Game community awards so thats got to be a good sign with those chaps at DICE adding a load of new toys,effects,and sporting the rather delicious Frostbite 2 game engine. Crazy Robot Flamethrower Funtime!